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Hugh Oddie
Hugh Oddie
Hugh Oddie believes that only through embracing the inherent abundance, embedded knowledge and skills of one's people can an enterprise truly recognise its potential.

Hugh is a master of facilitating new perspectives and opportunities drawn from the inherent richness already resident within an organisation. He creates wisdom at their frontiers.

Hugh brings to bear three decades of diverse experience to his work.

For ten years he was an Investment Banker. His career culminated as an Executive Director on the Board.

Subsequently, he worked in Retail Banking for a similar period, at the head office marketing level at a Canadian bank.

For the last decade, Hugh has taken his capabilities out into wider business arenas through consulting. He has brought innovation into the fields of finance, customer experience, transport, loyalty, brand, coaching start-up companies and personal development.

His clients include multinational institutions in Canada, the United States, Israel, Colombia, and Chile as well as small businesses and individuals.

Hugh Oddie was born and raised in Cambridge, England. Schooled at Eton College and Exeter University, he earned a degree in Economic Theory and a post-graduate degree in Education. He taught Economics and English literature in England, Spain and Mexico prior to his banking and marketing career.

Mr. Oddie lives in Toronto, Canada. He writes poetry.